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Join Isador, the inquisitor monk, on an epic journey through Europe ravaged by years of conflict. The fate of the world lands squarely on your shoulders, as you visit great European cities isolated from each other for hundreds of years, trying to find the person who escalated a personal conflict into a quickly unfolding drama that encompasses the known world.

The year is 1996 and the world is different, there was no industrial revolution, there are no cars or mobile phones, there is only the feeble existence of people who have to fight the land, that decided it would fight back. The world is in turmoil and large parts of the continent are covered in thick mist with magical properties that forbids the passage through central Europe. Join Isador as he explores the world, searching for the man, deemed by the Church to be a murderer and an antichrist. The once great cities will pass you by: Rome, Avignon, Paris and others; on your quest to stop this man.


- Immerse game play with addictive story;
- Unique mix of action, adventure and RPG elements;
- Realistic weather effects;
- Elaborate time management taking into consideration time of day;
- Huge universe with vast number of unique interior and exterior locations;
- Over 80 interactive characters;
- Huge arsenal of weapons, like swords and axes and shields, OH MY!;
- Explore the game with A.I. which is tailored to the player;
- Over 35 monsters with different features, specific A.I. and combat tactics;
- Fight and control monsters to make them your minions in the battles to come

Minimum Requirements

- Pentium III 450
- 128MB RAM
- 16 MB DirectX 8-compatible D3D video card
- 16-bit DirectX 8-compatible sound card
- 100 MB free hard drive space (200 needed during installation)
- Windows compatible keyboard and mouse
- Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP
- DirectX 8 or higher

About Touchdown Entertainment

Based in Kirkland, Washington, Touchdown Entertainment provides robust game development technologies and unparalleled customer support to developers around the world. The company's versatile product lineup empowers developers of 3D games and applications to focus on content creation rather than technology development. For the latest news and information about Touchdown Entertainment, Copperhead, Jupiter or the company's other products and services, visit:


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