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The ancient forces of darkness and evil are rising, yet again to overcome our world and rule it for all the eternities. So far, the monsters and phantasms had been lurking in shadows and basements, but soon, the tide will overflow. You are one of the few who posess the knowledge and awareness, while the majority is still being kept in the dark. As an agent of the Society your task is to protect the general population from evil for as long as that is still possible, holding the monsters at bay while collecting evidence and intelligence, and solving the mysteries that veil the coming of the Elder Gods.
24.05.2022 02:37
Mafia War Case Solved By Famous Adventurer EldritchBard

26.04.2022 02:04
Famous Adventurer EldritchBard Solves Gateway To Negative Plains Of Darkness Case

26.04.2022 02:04
Famous Adventurer EldritchBard Closes Elder Invocation Ritual Case

26.04.2022 02:03
Famous Adventurer EldritchBard Solves Ritualistic Psychopat Killer Case

26.04.2022 02:03
Famous Adventurer EldritchBard Cracks Unexplained Work Accident Case
1.     GoldenGhost14.731.298.884     
2.     LucienSnow5.538.236.678     
3.     crube3.833.098.477     
4.     JamesBond1.440.599.376     
5.     glen71.027.983.227     
6.     Eddie920.473.085     
7.     Eddieju760.852.675     
8.     Eddie 2604.280.009     
9.     swgafire538.863.374     
10.     Backlash533.597.372     

1.     LucienSnow1.166.130     
2.     GoldenGhost1.072.812     
3.     glen7267.360     
4.     JamesBond264.181     
5.     crube110.496     
6.     Eddie 291.492     
7.     Eddie79.253     
8.     lokeharz71.459     
9.     Eddieju63.284     
10.     PistolFish62.653