Mistmare walkthrough including many side quests

Written by Kristjan (Strahd)

This walkthrough contains one of the many ways to do each episode. If you want to know all options and all side quests look at the detailed sections for each episode (coming soon).


Read through the dialogues in the game because it's through the dialogs and journal entries so that you'll know what the game is all about!

Note: should you choose to follow this walkthrough you must follow it the way it is written. You must not spend time in any other way than specified within the walkthrough it self. That means that you must not open any chests or treasures, read any books, pray on any shrine or spend time in any other way than specifically noted.

In some places in walkthrough you'll notice a specific term: time lock. It's mistmare engine event when something has to happen storywise. You can spend time building your stats at certain building points in the game. When walkthrough demands a timelock, just spend time doing "push-ups" or something until time locks...

Whenever you see the ARENAS (mostly between the episodes) it is strongly recommended that you eliminate all the monsters that you find there but do not spend time within the arenas. Remember anytime if you happen to die you can and if possible resurrect (level down). This does not level down you (Isador) but the enemies so that they are easier to eliminate. Now let the gaming begin!


Talk to the Officer, open the map and head over to school. Once there, talk to professor Thierry about everything. After the dialog head over to the training area, open weapons repository and equip everything possible. Note that you can equip one of the weapons in your secondary weapon slot. Train with Sarge at least once and then do whatever you want until the time locks. I recommend training on the mechanical warrior in the school. After the time locks go talk to the Officer on the ground level. You will need to talk with him until you get your assignment. Upon your return talk to the Base Commander and proceed with magical training.


After the dialog, go inside, find your bed and have a fight with Thomas. After toilet scrubbing and small talk with Thomas go inside and find the Lore Trainer. After the dialog you will receive your first spells and I suggest that you go try them on the training grounds with the Lore Master. Than do whatever you want, in other words lock the time. When time locks seek out Thomas. That shouldn't be difficult considering he's looking for you too. After the dialog find the Dean, talk to him and go seek Thomas again. Lock the time and find Shavier Viera. After the dialog with Shavier go talk to Thomas and than the Dean. After the dialog proceed to Rome.


After the dialog equip yourself as you see fit and head over to the City Hall and talk to the mayor. On your way there Francesco will stop you. Help his son then go to the City Hall. Ask the mayor what's wrong and accept the burglars' quest. Go talk to the secretary and after the dialog read the stolen items list. Back on the streets of Rome head over to the newspaper salesman and ask him about his robbers' problems. Go towards the pawnshop but don't enter it. Talk to Maria, a woman standing opposite to pawnshop, and help her with her problem. After you make Beno go away go to the Pharmacy and talk to Mario several times and agree to help him with his problem. Go back to the newspaper salesman and wait 'till nightfall (lift weights or read bible or whatever but stand still).

When the night falls, a kid will come running by. Try to catch him (click on him several times). If you fail you can try the next night or the next... (But not rightaway, wait until mentioned). Since you are already in the centre of Rome go talk to the Martial-arts fighter several times 'till he offers you an interesting reward. He is standing on a platform alongside two large tents not far from the newspaper salesman.

Wait 'till morning (do sleep once) and go and find the warehouse. It should be on the building on the left side of the City Hall. Once inside talk to Raul and since he won't sell you the feather go outside. If you caught the kid last night go to the pawnshop and talk to the owner about the robbers (use brute force if necessary). You will find robbers at the private residence in an alley left of the monastery (check your map). After you eliminate the robbers report back to mayor and as your reward ask him to leave the circus alone. Go talk to Martial-arts fighter and you'll get the book of Oriental fighting. Read the book. Have fun 'till nightfall (watch your stamina level) go to the warehouse and break in. Once inside eliminate the mafia members. You will find the feather in one of the closets behind the counter. Wait 'till morning and return the feather to Mario. Since you don't have anything better to do lock the time (before the time locks try and catch the kid again).

Go to Vatican office. Find Brother Romano on the right side of the upper (and only) floor. After the dialogs proceed towards the catacombs (the easiest way to do that is to use your map) and when Isador stops continue up the path until you hit a dead-end with a metal door. When there lock your time, but be careful, you're going to need stamina after the time lock. After the time locks the cardinal should appear and a dialog should be set in motion. After the dialog go and see the newspaper salesman. On your way there, still in the park, a bunch of robbers will attack you. Eliminate them and continue towards the newspaper salesman. Ask him about professor Poterosso's house. It's the green-white one close by.

When you search the door you will find that it is locked. Lock pick the door. When you get inside go upstairs and find the professors diary. Read it and go to the military academy. You won't be able to go inside so talk to the guard in front and you'll find out why but don't try to bribe him just yet. Continue under A if your time is locked (or not) and under B if it's not.

A) Go back towards the marketplace (the location where the blacksmith, pharmacy... are) but stop just before you get there and find Beno, the mafia member. He shouldn't be far from the location where he bothered Maria. Right next to him should be the door to Mafia house but you should not be able to enter it. Talk to Beno couple of times and afterwards go to Tavern. In the tavern find a drunken mafia member and tell him that you hardly understand a word he is saying and he'll tell you a secret password. Since you have no idea what the password is for go back to Beno and tell him the password. What do you know it was the password to the mafia house and now you have access to it. Go in and get rid of some hostile mafia members and find a way to the upper floor. Eliminate the mafia don, shatter the closet and find a window to the military academy. (Go down the hatch in the small tunnel).

B) Bribe the guard and you are in the academy. To your left and right are stairs. Take either one of them and shatter the door to the academy offices.

Once in the academy you'll most probably have to get rid of the two guards that won't be really happy to see you. Keep to your right and find the professor in one of the smaller rooms. If you want you can kill him but I say let him live (either way the option will be in the dialog so be careful what you choose). The book manuscript you seek is on his table. Pick it up read it if you wish and lock the time then return to Vatican office.

Find Romano again and give him the book (it will all be done in the dialog). Lock the time (you can try and catch the kid again) and go to the institute (Roman Liturgy Institute). Once there talk to the guard who stands in front of the door to the secret laboratories and tell him you are Isador and he will let you in. Go to the labs and talk to Romano downstairs. Lock the time again and go outside (if you are not in the Institute) and wait for a monk who will come running to you (if you are outside otherwise he is standing by the door to the exit of the Institute). He'll tell you that there was a robbery in the institute so make haste and return there ASAP.

Once there talk to brother Romano then make your way to the tavern and talk to the barkeeper. During your conversation the thief will escape. Go outside and talk to the teenagers in front of the tavern and they'll tell you that the thief ran towards the park. Go after him and you will find him talking to the cardinal on the same spot you met the cardinal a couple of days ago. Talk to the cardinal, take the crystal from him, return to institute and talk to brother Romano.

Now you have some free time on your hands so go and talk to the mayor again. Ask him what's his problem this time. After the dialog talk with the secretary and then go and talk to the pharmacist and blacksmith. Now you need to find the bomb. Go in to the catacombs.

You'll need to find a big cavern with lots of tall columns inside. You'll find the bomb on one of the skeletons on the floor. Once you find it go and talk to the blacksmith. He'll tell you how to use it. After the dialog return to the catacombs and find the lowest point of the catacombs, find the Use The Bomb trigger and use the bomb. When the Queen Rat appears kill it. Once she is dead report back to the mayor.

He'll give you a note for the pharmacist saying that you can get any item from him you want so go to the pharmacist and choose an item, then lock the time. After the time locks go back to the institute ant talk to brother Romano.

Now go to the cathedral (marked as monastery on the map). Talk to the monk inside and you'll found out that he wants his Holy Marie statuette back before he will let you in the monastery (on his right). You can however make him let you in without it but I don't recommend it so go and find the statuette. Now go talk to Romano and then to the pawnshop owner. You'll find the statuette in one of the chests (the one that only has the search option) in the catacombs.

Now go back to the cathedral, talk to the monk and give him the statuette. You can now enter the monastery. Go downstairs and find a room with the long carrying case inside. Search it. Once you have the Sharpness of Scythe, return to the institute, talk to Romano and then proceed to Avignon (exit to north on the map).


Go to the Papal Palace and find Bishop Paul Jerome Massat. The guard on your left will tell you how to get to him. Talk to Bishop about everything possible then head over to the Templars.

Talk to the guard in front but he wont let you in. Since you cannot accomplish anything here go and talk to the father Guillaume in the Monastery of Saint Benedict's. A monk who will tell you that the monsters are attacking will interrupt your chitchat with father Guillaume. Go outside and kill the monster that appeared on the cemetery. When it is dead go back and talk to father Guillaume about Shavier and the Templars.

After the dialog go and talk to the nun in front of the monastery of St. Augustine about Shavier and the Templars. Go into the monastery and talk to the mother superior about the missing girl. Talk to the north gate guard and learn the Templars love fighting. Then go back to the Templars and tell the guard in front that you have a little bet for him. The guard still won't let you in. Talk to the guard again and bet you can beat the Templars in a fight. An unknown voice will let you in.

Once inside you'll find a ladder behind the statue. Use it and fight your way to the top of the tower. You must eliminate all three of the Templars before Eliott will talk to you. After your conversation with Eliott go outside and talk to a guard standing next to the bridge exit (exit to north on the map) and he will tell you that Shavier already left.

Report back to Bishop in Papal Palace. Go to the tavern and open all chests. In one of them you'll find the Amulet of Eternal Love. Talk to barkeeper about it and he'll tell you that Odo, the antiquarian also keeps the lost and found items so take the amulet to him. Once there, talk to him about the missing girl.

Go to the city archives and talk to the librarian. He won't have time to talk to you because he needs something deciphered. Take his scroll to father Guillaume and he'll decipher it. He'll completely forget about you waiting for the scroll and send it back by a courrier.

Go back to city archives and talk to the librarian about the missing girl. He'll tell you that Odo knows all about her so go back to curio shop and tell Odo to stop deceiving you. This time he'll give you the letter for the village priest.

Go to the eastern village and find your way up the hill to the church. Talk to the priest inside and give him the letter. He'll read it and give you the letter for the mother superior so take the letter back to her. Lock the time and, if you are not, go back to the streets of Avignon.

Wait for the kid that will come running to you with a disturbing message. Go back to the eastern village, up to the church and talk to the priest again. Now find your way to the farm (you can get there by clicking on a directional sign between two large hay stacks). Kill the monster and talk to the farmer and Thomas (or rather they'll talk to you). After the dialog or rather at the end of it, decide to go with Thomas. When talking with Thomas in his room decide to go through the bridge (you'll have time for the rest later). By the bridge talk to Thomas and go across the bridge.

Since you didn't make it you'll find yourself half dead at the Papal Palace. After the dialog stay where you are and lock the time. Afterwards talk to Bishop (if he doesn't talk to you sooner) and go to the labs that Bishop directed you to them. In front of the labs talk to the guard and he'll tell you how to get inside. After all the dialogs equip the Scythe and put the crystals in it (click on them once you have the Scythe equipped) and tell Iacopo that you are ready.

When fighting with the monsters either kill or trap them then go and talk to Iacopo again (he must start the dialog). After the dialog you'll find yourself back on the streets of Avignon. Go to the bridge and kill all the monsters there. Then proceed north.


You'll find yourself in a room in the tavern. Talk to the barkeeper and the citizen leader. Go to the streets of Paris fire up your map and go towards the Notre Dame. Along the way some guards will stop you and take you to the rulers of Paris the nobles family Dumont. After the dialogue try and go to the Notre Dame church again. This time a strange fellow who will give you a key will stop you.

Go to the blacksmith and you'll find that he is also a locksmith. He'll give you a book of all the keys he made. Find the matching picture of the key in the book and talk to blacksmith again and he'll tell you that this is the key to the janitor's room in the Guards Armoury. Go there and unlock the room (right opposite the entrance point) go inside and talk to the boy there. After the dialogue go to the courthouse and find the papers you need in a closet. Now finally go to the Notre Dame. Talk to the monk inside. Then go back to the streets of Paris where you'll be arrested.

You'll find yourself in courthouse with the Dumont's again. Cooperate with them and find the entrance to the Paris catacombs. Find your way to the church warehouse and the Bastille. In the warehouse you'll find an ornamented jewlcase with the ring inside and in the Bastille you'll find Albert. Give Albert the papers and release him from prison. Return the ring to Sophie in the Dumont mansion.

Advance the time ahead for one day and meet Albert in the tavern. Talk to him and the bartender and say that you want a drink. Decide to help him. You will find the stolen portrait in the nobleman's old warehouse but you'll need a key to enter it. You can get the key from their butler in the mansion or from the chest in front the warehouse. When you find the portrait return it to the bartender.

If the revolution started, the guards and soldiers should start attacking you. If so, eliminate or avoid them. Now go to the courthouse and return the falsified papers in the same closet that you found them. Go talk to Sophie in the Dumont mansion and tell her that you had enough of her and remove her (take care for that is not an easy task! You might want to use magic to make that job a little easier). When you finally kill her, equip yourself with her Hand of Rotten Carcass sword.

Now go back to the janitor's room in the guards' armoury and talk to the boy. Now go back to the streets and lock your time. A boy will come running to you. After the dialog you can proceed north.


First go to the Bellringer's Main Residence and talk to Saal so you'll have a place to stay. Now go upstairs and talk to Lodewyk and accept the quest to find the old notes of brother Ijsbrand. Now go to the undertaker and talk to him and get his wood quest. Go outside and up the street you will find his grandpa sitting in a wheelchair. Talk to him and promise that you'll find his crystal.

Go to Hennings-Fleck residence and talk to Karl several times until he asks you for help. Offer your help and go talk to Akkerman. He'll give you an old rusty key. Now go to the Antwerpen Outskirts and kill some monsters there. There you'll also find a pile of wood for the undertaker, a locked safe containing some notes for the Akkerman and a locked closed you'll have to 'unlock' or shatter containing the old notes of brother Ijsbrand for brother Lodewyk.

Return the wanted items to proper seekers (make undertaker your last stop). When you return the wood to the undertaker he'll want some nails to go along with it and tell you that the blacksmith can make them. On your way to the blacksmith's stop at the antiquarian shop and buy an old magical sword. Now go to the blacksmith ask him to make you some nails and tell him the antiquarian's story. Since the blacksmith will require half a day for the nails go to the streets of Antwerp (exit to winter arena on the map).

When you remove all of the monsters you can use the anvil to re-forge the Doomsword. Advance the time until nightfall and go in the saloon. In the saloon you'll ran into a bunch of Alchemic warriors. Throw them out and help and heal a nearby courtesan (be careful how you talk to her). Now go outside and advance the time until it locks (be careful! You'll need stamina).

A boy will come running to you and tell you that there is someone waiting for you at the barbers. Meet Gulik there and turn down all of his offers. He won't like that so you'll have to fight and kill him. After he (or you) dies go and talk to the mayor. Since it passed more than a day since your last visit to the blacksmith, return to him, claim the nails and take them to the undertaker.

Fast-forward the time for 3/4 of a day or stop advancing it before midnight (which ever is closer) then return to the Courtesan for your reward. She'll give you a crystal that she stole from an Alchemic warrior last night. It's grandpas' crystal so return it to him (wait 'till morning). Now go to the blacksmith and ask him if he needs any help. Offer to fetch the iron and go to the War Monument. In the old half ruined cathedral downstairs you'll find several chests. Open them all and search the shrine (still downstairs).

Return to the blacksmith and give him the breastplate and take the money. Now go towards the barbers shop and talk to Joop a boy not far from the barbers shop. Now go towards the saloon and talk to Lukas, a boy standing under the boat in front of the saloon. Talk to Lukas about everything and give him a coin or two. He should eventually tell you that the fog claimed another two victims.

Wait 'till morning and go to the undertaker. Just as you go inside a dead body will talk to you. Help it. Go to the war monument (make sure you have a shovel with you) find a recently dug grave, search and dig it. You'll find a dagger buried in it. Take the dagger to the antiquarian. Do help him with the box. Go to the blacksmith and help him melt the bell. Now go back to Joop and talk to him about an old map. Promise him that you'll help his brother. Now go to the Forest Chapel.

Once there eliminate all four of the alchemical warriors, to the one inside you'll have to talk first. Once the last one is dead talk to Joops brother. Now go to the Antwerpen outskirts and from there to Dark Alley. Once there kill everything all the monsters and the alchemic warriors. At the end of the bridge to the left is the entrance to the Dark Tower. Go inside. Turn right at the first junction and fight through all the alchemic warriors and kill their boss Orvar. Once he is dead talk to the cook and tell him you are ready. Use the ship and sail to Anglia.


You'll wake up in the fisherman's village. After your dialog with Simon go to the South bank of London. Once there talk to the barkeeper and get yourself a place to stay. Now go to the north bank of London.

As soon as you cross the bridge you'll be arrested and taken to Rhiannon, the prime minister of London. Talk to her and tell her that you'll bring Shavier to her. Do what you will until the time locks.

After the time locks go to the Glastonbury Bridge talk to Sean and proceed as he has planned. On your way to Avalon rangers will attack you. Don't get scared and show their boss what you're made of. After the fight and the dialog, agree to help John, go to the Glastonbury and the surrounding forest. Find jail, talk to the policeman in front of it and pay the bail for John. When John comes out of the jail talk to him and make him help you. After the dialog lock the time and go in the tavern just opposite of the jail. Inside talk to the guard captain. After the dialog you'll cross the Avalon Bridge and you find yourself in front of a secret tunnel through which you'll get to the Isle of Avalon. Once on the island keep to your left and go around the lake. Keep a lookout for the tunnel on Isadors right and once you find it go into it.

You'll find yourself in the temple of Avalon. Fight your way to the top and find the exit to the roof. Once on the roof don't even try to kill Twrch because it's too tough. Instead find the teleportation device and teleport yourself upstairs. Upstairs you'll find a table in which Shaviers note is. Read the note and you'll be teleported back to Glastonbury.

Report back to Rhiannon and she'll give you permission to reinstall the cathedral bell. Now go the northern bank of London. On your way to the museum a commoner will ask you (if not you talk to him. He stands in front of the last house next to the bridge towards the Northern bank of London) to check out the screams coming from the ordinary house. Go inside the house and help the body on the floor. In one of the tables you'll find his diary. Read it and go to the museum. Once you are in the museum talk to Richard, ask out all the possibilities and promise him a cup for the bell then follow Sam outside. As soon as you get outside Sam will attack you so don't hesitate to defend yourself. Take everything he had on him and return to Jim in the ordinary house. Talk to Jim and return him his stuff then return to the northern bank of London.

Go to the Three Little Pig's inn, talk to the bartender Ian and duel Bob for the cup. Once you have the cup return to the museum and give cup to Richard. Since you are alone and are not strong enough to carry the bell back to the cathedral you'll need help from at least two more strong men. Go to the southern bank of London and find a strong man on the streets. Talk to him, heal him and he'll help you. Go in to the tavern where you rented a room. Inside talk to the football players and heal their goalie (heal him like the strong man) and he'll help you out too. You got your two men so return to the museum. Once there, talk to the strong men and you'll be teleported to the cathedral where you'll fix the bell. Still in the cathedral toll the bell (click on it) and you'll dream again.

After the dream, report back to Rhiannon. After your smalltalk with her go back to the fisherman's village. Once there keep to your right and talk to a fisherman. He'll tell you that Shavier stole his ship and proceeded towards Scandinavia. Be shocked. When you recover from your shock go and talk to fisherman Simon, the one who saved you, and pay him what is required to repair your ship. Lock your time, talk to Simon again and sail east form the nearest dock.


Once you find yourself in Stockholm first find the Red-skinned man. You can find him if you stick to your right from the starting point. Help him and after the dialog go to the tavern. Inside a drunken professor Knut Vath will mistake you for someone else so ignore him for the moment. Talk to the barkeeper about the drunken professor, ask him who is selling him the alcohol and get yourself a room (not necessarily in the same order). Go outside and find a warehouse that should be located near Knut Vaths laboratory.

Eliminate everyone inside the warehouse and report back to the Red-skinned man. You can train with him once or twice but don't lock the time just yet. Now go towards the destroyed side of the harbour and talk to the boatman about the strange fog. Then go talk to the harbour master on the other side of the harbour and offer to do the mission. Go talk to the boatman again and take the boat to the Princess Solveig. You will find the captain's log in a chest hidden in the grass behind the Teeth (the big bad monster).

The critical point where you place the bomb is on the top of the rocky spiral. Once you set the bomb and get the log return back to Stockholm, talk to the boatman and the harbour master and lock the time. Once the time is locked talk to professor Knut Vath in the tavern then go to his lab, wait until morning and talk to him again. After the dialog kick the machine and talk to him again then go to the Hammarskjold's mansion.

You'll have to talk to the professor in front before you can get in. Once you get in find and have a long talk with Shavier. Then go to the cathedral and talk to Bo. Win the fight, talk to Bo again and than to Shavier. When you find yourself back in Hammarskjold mansion talk to Shavier then go to the Academy.

Inside talk to the only Alchemic scientist there. He won't be very cooperative because of the Iceland campaign. After the brief dialog, report back to Shavier. Hammarskjold's sub will be in the harbour so find it and go inside. Once in talk to Shavier then grab the ladder and you'll find yourself docked by the secret entrance of the fortress on Iceland. Talk to Hammarskjold and follow him in the fortress.

Fight your way to the top and enter the personal chambers of warlord Hrannar. Eliminate Hrannar (not necesary) and return to the submarine. You'll find the exit out the fortress at the bottom of it. Once in the sub talk to Shavier then go up the stairs and you'll be back in Stockholm. Once there find your way to the Kings Court and talk to the King. Then lock the time and go talk to the scientist in the academy then go and talk to the King again. After the dialog go to the Overseer's Domain (behind the King). Talk to the King once more then follow Shavier and Hammarskjold back to the streets of Stockholm and sail south to Riga.


Once in Riga find your way to the Garrison talk to Sergeant and tell him that you are ready and enter the fog (exit to south on the map).

When finally in the fog (you will know by the presence of Alchemic warriors) go and fight with the large monsters. Unfortunately you will get to an arena with a Mage in it with poisonous rain which will kill you.

Resurrect and you will find yourself at the Pharmacy back in Riga. Talk to Shavier then head to the Tavern. If Lord Vidrik is not there advance the time 'till he appears and talk to him. Decide to help him and after the dialog head to the castle of the current warlord, eliminate him and all of his companions, then report back to Vidrik. Advance the time for one day and return to the castle and talk to Vidrik again. Your time should be locked. If it's not locked, lock it and go back to Garrison and talk to Shavier. After the dialog go to the residence of Madame Meanai and talk to her. After the dreams talk to her again and after the dialog go to Krakow (exit to south on the map).


When you finally arrive to Krakow talk to Shavier and find the ancient cathedral. Talk to Shavier again in front of it and inside. After all the dialogs return back to the streets of Krakow and kill all the humans that will transform into monsters.

After the massacre find the entrance to the caves and go inside. Once inside find and talk to Shavier again than kill all the Guardians, find the exit of the caves, Post Tenebras Lux, on the opposite side of where you came in. Enter it and CONGRATULATIONS YOU...UM....I....ERR....WE DID IT!

Now that you've finished the game I suggest that you start over from Rome (restart an episode, In Service of Law and Order) and find the rest of the side quests but most importantly try and open all of the treasures since they contain most of the best items in the game.

Walkthrough written by Kristjan also known as Strahd on the official site's forum.