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Planet types


Agricultural planets provide food for all other populated planets in your fiefdom. It is important to balance the number of agricultural planets with other kinds, as shortage of food frequently leads to riots, and malnutrition is also one of the black plague preconditions. Only rich environment planets may be reformed to agricultural (70% or more).

Food production depends on the tech level and environmental conditions of the planet. Reforming planets to agricultural is rewarded with NutriCOM shares.

Bonus: System and sector food price drop.

Minor bonus: System public infrastructure.


Mining colonies base their income on selling raw ore. The incomes are fairly low, but the colonies only require small working populations and therefore food requirements are low as well. Almost any kind of planet may be reformed to a mining colony. Reforming regular planets earns a small amout of Mining Corp shares, which need to be spent in order to reform gas giants and lunar class planets.

Mining production depends on the resources and tech level of the planet. Gas giants produce three times as much, and lunar planets twice as much.

Minor penalty: System prestige, System public infrastructure.


Industrial planets produce more than mining colonies, but with a much larger working populations, the food requirements are also much higher. Only inhabitable planets (environment 50% or more) may be reformed to industrial. Reforming planets to industrial is rewarded with Interplanetary Trade Union shares.

Industrial production depends on the resources and tech level of the planet.

Minor bonus: System prestige

Minor penalty: System public infrastructure


Military planets host regular legion units, as opposed to any other type of planet with a citadel, which may only host home guard units.

The number of legions a planet may support depends on its size.

Zero-g units may only be trained at gas giant military facilities.

Bonus: System prestige, System military infrastructure, System security, System network

Penalty: System public infrastructure, System and sector food price raise


Administrative planets represent the nodes inside the Imperial Command Network. The ICN is the informational backbone of the Empire, allowing communication and information sharing across the galaxy and between the Noble Houses.

Administrative planets may host up to two (with a citadel, up to three) home guard legions.

Major bonus: System prestige, System network, System security

Bonus: System public infrastructure

Major penalty: System and sector food price raise

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