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Empire / Corona Celestia FAQ

User interface

How to scroll stuff that has no scroll bar?

Find the area overlaying the spreadsheet that has a compass cursor. Once there, simply drag and drop.

How to see all your planets?

Open Household/Planets, click the Global button under the spreadsheet. To find rioting or plagued planets, use Order by Type button.

How to upgrade a Legion's galleon?

Send the legion to its home planet. Once it is there, open Household/Legions. Select the legion in question, click the “Upgrade” button. You may only upgrade from the standard type galleon.


How many planets and stars may I claim?

The size of your fief is limited by your title. All players start as the lowest caste in nobility, allowed to claim up to 50 stars (using the regular claiming procedure). They are also given 50 charters to invade indigenous planets. Any stars they may claim using charters does not count against your titular limit, ie even if you have already claimed 50 stars but you still have charters left, by invading indigenous planets you may still claim more stars.

However if you spend too many charters claiming new stars, you might end up with too many indigenous planets within your own systems, which is not too good a thing.

What do I gain by earning guild and triumvir stocks?

Stocks are good for two things. Firstly, wholesome stocks are spent on guild-controlled weaponry, equipment, planetary reformations and orbital stations (and more). So, if you don’t have at least two church shares, you cannot create a zealots unit (even if otherwise it is free of charge).

Secondly, the more shares you accumulate without spending, the higher your guild rank. The guild rank may be needed to access specific guild services, and is your offset for any guild positions you might aim for.

What do I gain by accumulating honor, leadership and reputation?

All these statistics, in addition to any guild reputation, will be used as conditions or offsets in elections for guild positions.

What is the use of castles?

Castles, citadels (even your Ancestral Residence) provide additional defense bonus to the planet, and some prestige for the system. This is good if you’re controling the planet, and not so good if someone (like rioting masses) take the planet away from you.

Castles also grant any planet an additional legion to train. For non-military and non-admin planets, this means exactly one unit which is called Home Guard and is fairly limited in types of equipment (its galleon may be upgraded once the unit has been trained, like any other unit’s).

What is the use of monuments?

The monuments boost the morale and prestige of the entire system. They may only be built with any items you may received as gifts of war or peace, after you have invaded an indigenous planet.

What is the use of orbital stations?

I’ll only list the effects that are already implemented:

- Planetary shield prevents heavy weapons in planetary battles - Ring of protection prevents any planetary battles - Military hospital allows restoration of any unit at the same conditions as it would be restoring it on their home planet.

There are three classes of orbital stations, small, medium and large. Medium class stations offer the same kind of effect for the two nearest planets as well, and large class for the whole five-planet row (with the hosting planet in the middle).


How do I claim planets and stars?

You need to have a legion present orbiting the planet you wish to claim. The legion must count at least 1000 soldiers. You may only claim the planet if there are no third party legions there, and if the planet has no indigenous population. By claiming the first unclaimed planet in the system, you also claim the star.

It is advisable not to let other houses claim or occupy planets within your territory, because whoever owns the star/system is responsible for that system’s nutrition, ie if you have agricultural planets in your system, any industrial planets belonging to other players in that system will be feeding off your planets and thus decrease your net income.

How to revive legions?

Send them to a military or administrative planet, or a planet with a citadel/castle. Use the “Retrain Units” button. (More to come...)

How to police riots?

Send a legion (or more) to the planet. Once it is there, click “Police”. Heavy weapons will be disabled when policing a planet. You may police planets that do not belong to you. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with Triumvir shares (not for your own planets though).

The legion attempting to police a planet must count at least 100 soldiers.

How to cleanse planets with plague epidemics?

Send a legion with a Shaman Class Infirmary Galleon to the planet. Use the “Quaranteen” button. The rest is pretty much the same as with riot control (including the reward).

The legion attempting to quaranteen a planet must count at least 9000 soldiers.

How to prevent plague and riots?

Have enough agricultural planets per system/sector so that food is not too expensive on non-agricultural planets. Form trade unions with players occupying same sectors as you do (for the same benefit, and to share food transportation costs, which also drops the small market prices). Upgrade planet technologies (especially against plague), build castles (planetary effect) and monuments (system scale effect) to improve the morale (versus riots), build orbital hospitals (against the plague). Also the riots are less probable with any of your legions present in the system.

How do I obtain more charters?

Open Household/Factions. Choose any faction and click the Trade button. Check the “Receive 5 charter...” checkbox (in addition to any other trade you may or may not select). The 5 charter pack costs 40 guild shares (of the respectable guild) but it also increases your guild reputation by 40.

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