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Neurodancer (1994)


“Neurodancer” was a theatrical show about not-so-distant future. In this future, it becomes common practice to cybernetically revive long dead celebrities (Michael Jackson in the case of the show) to make them entertain the future public...

The main hero of the story is a hacker who performs such operations in his underground laboratory. For his computer screens, 3d animations were needed, and the director of the show asked me to create some using offline computer rendering.

“Neurodancer” was written and directed by Iztok Lovrič, and performed by theatrical group Grapefruit. The premiere was staged at GLEJ theatre.

The soundtrack for the show was created by Cyberbass - Coptic Rain.

All animations were done using 3D Studio 3.0. I picked out the clip that I liked the best, here it is:

Movie: Neurodancer.wmv (1994)

neurodancer_001_0003.jpg neurodancer_001_0001.jpg

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